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Hi welcome to my gallery, thanks for taking time to look at some of my photos.
I have been interested in photography for many years and I am always learning more and trying to make images that are interesting. Anytime I'm outside in nature I feel I'm at home and I like to show people my vision of the beautiful world we are so lucky to live in. The music accompanying this slide show is sung by frogs, toads, a robin, and a few wild turkeys. Recorded in North Idaho.
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Idaho Rodeo

40 photos
Created 28-May-10
Modified 28-May-10
Idaho Rodeo


83 photos
Created 15-Dec-14
Modified 15-Dec-14


26 photos
Created 29-May-10
Modified 29-May-10

Sandpoint Storms

1 photos
Created 11-Apr-12
Modified 11-Apr-12
Sandpoint Storms

Sandpoint Endurocross 5/8/11

90 photos
Created 16-May-11
Modified 16-May-11
Sandpoint Endurocross 5/8/11


34 photos
Created 23-Oct-11
Modified 23-Oct-11

Junk2Funk 2012

13 photos
Created 20-Oct-12
Modified 20-Oct-12
Junk2Funk 2012
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Guestbook for Jim Ford Photography

Wow.. That storm photograph was such an exceptional work, that I got so mesmerized by the beauty of that frame. And that endurocross album was fully loaded with thrilling moments from the race. I think you got into the right spots to click those images.
Dennis Thibault(non-registered)
Really nice picture's Jim. Thank you for the link.
Chris Demlow(non-registered)
very nice work. I will return to see the dog sled race shots.
Freya Ford(non-registered)
Site looks awesome dad! I really like the music :). I'm working on your facebook site right now!